Nets in Israel and Germany team up on new sci-fi TV series

Targeted at older kids and teens, the live-actioner’s pilot features a suspense-based narrative focusing on a team of young astronauts stranded and in peril in a galaxy far, far away.
April 1, 2022

Israeli broadcaster HOT and KiKA in Germany are joining forces on a new live-action sci-fi series called DreaMars, about a crew of teenagers who fly to Mars on a critical mission.

The show was ordered by HOT for its linear kids channel Zoom, and it will be ready to air in both regions next year. Also involved in the co-pro are Israel’s STORYZ Productions, SKLAN&KA and Paris-based SAMKA, and German broadcasters NDR, HR, SWR and RBB.

The 20 x 22-minute adventure series targets older kids and teens and is set in 2045. It revolves around a young space crew’s discovery that they have landed in the wrong place. With communication channels to Earth cut off, and only a few hours of oxygen left in their space suits, they uncover a dark secret about a previous expedition’s failure.

Filming is underway in a research facility operated by the Israeli Space Agency in order to create realistic replica settlements of life on Mars.

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