Crazy Fun Park

ABC’s latest kids series takes on grief and death

Filming is underway on Werner Film Productions' horror-comedy live-actioner set in an abandoned amusement park.
March 9, 2022

Australia’s public broadcaster is exploring the supernatural in an upcoming horror-comedy live-actioner called Crazy Fun Park from Werner Film Productions.

Filming has already started on the 10 x 30-minute series, which ABC announced last year in the midst of global pandemic restrictions. At the center of the premise is a teenage boy who makes the startling discovery that his best friend’s ghost and other spirits are haunting an abandoned theme park. As he navigates this strange world, Crazy Fun Park‘s stories also explore real-life themes of empathy, death, grief and humanity.

Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) is an investor and will distribute the series worldwide. It’s set to premiere on ABC ME and ABC iview in early 2023.

Nicholas Verso (Boys In The Trees) is the show’s creator, writer and director, with  Joanna Werner (The Newsreader) from Werner Film producing.

ACTF head of content Bernadette O’Mahony is an executive producer, along with Stuart Menzies from Werner Film and Libbie Doherty at ABC.

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