CBC reboots Street Cents on social

The '90s series that aimed to help teens make sense of their cents is springing back to life as the pubcaster's first original TikTok series.
March 7, 2022

Banking on the strong cultural force of ’90s nostalgia, Canadian pubcaster CBC is rebooting one of its flagship kids series from the decade with an of-the-moment spin.

Street Cents, a newsmagazine-style series about money and financial literacy, has been reborn as original content on CBC’s @streetcents TikTok channel. Featuring new hosts, a much shorter run time and a daily format, Street Cents on TikTok aims to make learning about spending, saving and earning more entertaining and relatable to its young audience with a mix of comedy and journalism.

Amrita Singh, a senior producer at CBC Kids, says the time just felt right to bring the popular series back.

“We feel like teens really are interested in money more as a hobby, [and] they have access to information about cryptocurrency and NFTs on social media,” she explains. “It felt like this was a really good foundation for bringing back a show that can focus on financial literacy and consumer stories, but do it in a useful and hopefully entertaining way for this audience.”

Singh says TikTok made sense simply because it’s where teens are spending their time.

“We need to be where they are,” she says. “But also, we’re a brand rooted in facts and journalism. This is a really fun way to make financial literacy and consumer stories useful.”

While this series is currently running on social media only—clips are repackaged and repurposed on other social channels like Instagram and YouTube—there is hope that this could be a beta-test for a long-form series on CBC’s streaming platform, Gem.

“We want to really test and learn from our audience,” Singh says. “We are focused on daily digital, and that means posting consistently and frequently. After we’ve learned a little bit more, and have really gauged the audience’s interest in this content, then we may do a longer-form series. But first I think we need to stay in this daily digital space for a little bit.”

The series stars a mix of social media personalities and creators, including Mercedes Gaztambide, Anisha Joshi, Carley Thorne and Creo Walters. Along with the core cast, guests will make appearances as the show goes on, adding expertise and diverse perspectives on topics related to teen finance.

The original TV series, which focused on consumer and media awareness, ran from 1989 to 2006. While money is an evergreen topic, financial activities have gotten both more complex and more accessible in recent years, and kidcos have been investing in the space with new apps and educational resources.

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