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Iconic claymation IP Gumby finds a new home at FOX

The latest in a string of recent acquisitions, FOX plans to bring claymation character Gumby back to life in new content for its linear and digital platforms.
February 9, 2022

Continuing an acquisition spree, FOX Entertainment has bought classic claymation brand Gumby from the estate of Joseph Clokey, the son of original creator Art Clokey.

The deal gives FOX all rights to the franchise’s collection of characters, films, specials, consumer products and publishing, as well as the animated series currently streaming on FOX-owned video streaming service Tubi.

According to a release, there may also be a new animated series, original live-action content and NFTs in the works to launch on FOX’s linear and digital platforms.

The Gumby Show originally aired from 1957 to 1969, following Gumby and his talking pony Pokey through many different environments and historical times over the course of 233 episodes. The characters have appeared in one film, two TV series, countless parodies and tributes in other entertainment content, and decades of robust merchandising.

FOX also recently acquired MarVista Entertainment and TMZ, as well as forging a partnership with Studio Ramsay Global last year.

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