Adventures of Cairo

Wondery tunes into Adventures of Cairo

Amazon's podcast studio has teamed up with ABF Creative to make its latest kids podcast, which premieres today.
February 1, 2022

Amazon’s podcast studio Wondery is adding original series Adventures of Cairo to its kids and family lineup.

This 12 x 15-minute audio series follows seven-year-old Cairo as he explores life in the big city with his family and learns about kindness and friendship. It’s a collaboration with ABF Creative, known for podcasts such as Raising the Game and African Folk Tales.

The first episode of Adventures of Cairo is available starting today on Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts, as well as on subscription-based Wondery+ Kids in Apple Podcasts or Wondery+.

Wondery expanded its stake in the kids podcasting space last year with the launch of its subscription service on Apple Podcasts, featuring series such as Melon’s House Party and Little Stories Everywhere. The company then built out its kids catalogue by acquiring the rights to Tinkercast’s titles, which include Who, When, Wow! and Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling. As part of that deal, Amazon will create merchandise for Tinkercast series until 2023.



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