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Kids love linear…until they become teens

EXCLUSIVE: KidsKnowBest finds that children in France, Spain, Italy and Germany pick linear channels as their go-to spot for watching content, but this swings dramatically to streaming for tweens.
January 21, 2022

Across Europe, linear channels continue to dominate kids viewing until they age into the 12 to 16 demo, which is when most of them flock to streaming, according to new research from KidsKnowBest. In France, Spain, Germany and Italy, Gulli, Disney Channel, Super RTL and Rai Yoyo are still the most popular viewing destinations for all audiences except the 12 to 16s. And when they migrate, they’re going to Netflix.

In its “VOD vs Linear” report, KidsKnowBest pulled responses from a multi-territory sample size of 2,000 kids ages zero to 16 (with parents assisting the younger respondents) asking what platforms they watch content on.

In the US, most preschoolers (64%), eight- to 11-year-olds (71%) and 12- to 16 year-olds (75%) ID’d Netflix as their go-to for watching content. But four to sevens (67%) prefer Nickelodeon, according to KidsKnowBest.

Those numbers hold up more or less in the UK, where eight to 11s (73%), 12 to 16s (79%) and four to sevens (71%) all picked Netflix as their favorite content platform. But preschoolers (70%) are fonder of CBeebies.

Heading into 2022, KidsKnowBest recommends that producers continue putting an equal amount of effort into getting their content onto linear nets and VOD platforms.

In a separate report, the researcher has found that on the social media front, YouTube is the most used social media platform among EMEA kids ages four to 16 and their parents. Its “Social Media PR” report shows that 76% of kids in the region use YouTube, compared to 51% for TikTok and 40% for Facebook.

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