the witchverse

Disney Branded TV & Baobab prep anthology

Baobab's VR short film Baba Yaga inspired the new 2D-animated series The Witchverse.
December 16, 2021

Disney Branded Television and Baobab Studios are teaming up on a new 2D-animated series inspired by the prodco’s award-winning virtual reality short film Baba Yaga

Destined for Disney+, The Witchverse (pictured) will use a pop-up technique that blends hand-drawn animation with stop-motion. It’s based on the Eastern European legend of Baba Yaga—an old woman who lives in the forest in a house on chicken’s feet. The show’s format and release date were not available at press time.

Disney Television Animation will work closely with Baobab, overseeing the project for Disney+. Eric Darnell, co-founder and CCO of the California-based prodco, is writing, directing and executive producing.

The Witchverse is just the latest in a string of anthologies to be greenlit recently. Disney+, in particular, has jumped on the trend with gusto, lining up titles including Kizazi Moto, Pixar Popcorn and Zootopia+. 

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