Studio 100 invests in Vegesaurs

Cheeky Little's Vegesaurs, which won "Best in Show" at the Asian Animation Summit in 2018, now has a distribution and L&M partner.
November 4, 2021

Munich-based Studio 100 Media has secured the worldwide distribution and L&M rights to action-comedy Vegesaurs from Aussie prodco Cheeky Little.

The 20 x five-minute CG-animated series, which made its market debut at Kidscreen’s Asian Animation Summit event in 2018, stars a group of friendly vegetable- and fruit-shaped dinosaurs led by a young Tricarrotops (Triceratops made of carrots) named Ginger. the show is aimed at the upper preschool demo and features themes such as going to bed, sharing, friendship, the importance of mealtimes and play.

Studio 100 has also become an investor in the IP, along with existing broadcast partners ABC Australia and France Télévisions, and principal production financing partner Screen Australia.

Created by Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan, Vegesaurs is currently in production and expected to deliver in 2022. ABC will air the series as Ginger & the Vegesaurs, but for the rest of the world it will be distributed as Vegesaurs. Premiere dates were not available at press time, but the show will also launch on YouTube and ABC’s iview online VOD platform.

An expansion into L&M is expected to encompass consumer products categories including publishing, collectibles, plush and gaming.

Cheeky Little co-founder and executive producer Patrick Egerton and development producer Celine Goetz originally pitched the project at the 2018 Asian Animation Summit in Seoul, South Korea, where it was voted “Best in Show” on the strength of its lovable protagonist and unique mockumentary pitch style.

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