Moose launches licensing program for Magic Mixies

Products inspired by the toy will hit shelves soon, after the line beat out Shopkins in weekly sales.
November 4, 2021

Building on the early success of its new Magic Mixies IP, Moose Toys is rolling out a robust licensing program to expand the brand and tap into a new wave of interactive unboxing experiences.

Magic Mixies are interactive toys that come with a cauldron, wand, spell book and all of the ingredients kids need to mix up a magical potion. After filling the cauldron with water, children are prompted to add the ingredients, which foam and bubble before revealing a completely dry Mixie creature.

Within a month of their October 1 launch, the toys had become company’s highest-grossing SKU per week, even surpassing its ever-popular Shopkins brand. This rapid-fire success prompted the Australian toymaker to fast-track the brand’s licensing program, which will hit retail in time for the 2022 holiday season and focus on publishing, apparel and accessories. These new products will launch in North America, Australia and the UK first, before rolling out globally. And a second wave of additional categories is set to hit shelves in fall 2023.

Moose Toy’s chief marketing officer Ronnie Frankowski believes Magic Mixies became an overnight sensation because it empowers kids to control the unboxing experience.

“Kids are actually creating the magic, as opposed to lots of other surprise or unboxing experiences that are more about [just watching it happen],” he says. “It provides an almost theatrical experience at home.”

The toy’s US$69.99 price point was also a contributing factor to its high-grossing performance. (Shopkins collectibles, by contrast, were priced at less than US$5 when they first launched in 2014.) And the unboxing experience has the potential for re-playability since the cauldron can be reused with Magic Mixies Cauldron Magical Mist and Spells Refill Packs that are available for US$9.99.

The line has proven so popular that the toyco can’t keep it on shelves. Ongoing delays in the shipping industry are contributing to this scarcity as growing consumer demand and disruptions to the supply chain have created long wait times and increased prices. Despite shifting to air shipping in an effort to meet demand, Moose Toys expects the range to completely sell out during the holiday season.

In addition to a consumer products program, Moose is also planning content inspired by Magic Mixies. The focus will be on exploring the world of the brand and the backstory of its characters, Frankowski says.

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