YouTube to demonetize ‘low quality’ kids content

Videos that are deemed heavily commercial/promotional or encourage negative behaviors are now excluded from the partner program and demonetized.
October 26, 2021

Starting next month, YouTube will demonetize kids and family content that falls outside of its quality principles, the AVOD announced in a blog post.

Videos that adhere to YouTube’s quality guidelines for kids need to promote or one more of the following qualities: being a good person; learning and inspiring curiosity; creativity, play and a sense of imagination; interaction with real world issues; and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The overall aim, according to the Google-owned video giant, is to reduce content that is “low quality,” such as videos that are heavily commercial or promotional, and encourage negative behaviors or attitudes. Those videos will not show up in YouTube recommendations and channels will be removed from YouTube Kids. These channels may also be demonetized and could be kicked out or not admitted into the YouTube Partner Program.

This new change comes in addition to content requirements such as adherence to YouTube’s community guidelines.

Potentially affected creators and channels have already been reached out to by YouTube, it said in the blog post.

Last month, the AVOD started using its quality guidelines to determine what other videos its algorithm would recommend to kid viewers.

The company has been rolling out new safety features for kids and family content sine the FTC issued US$170-million fine in 2019. One of the big changes was that kids content could no longer serve up personalized ads, affecting several companies’ revenue, including WildBrain Spark which experienced a 40% dip.

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