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Cyber Group unboxes Precious Moments show

EXCLUSIVE: The giftware brand's first TV series is designed to reach new kids and teach them to appreciate everyday moments, says Karen Miller.
October 12, 2021

Banking on a heightened demand these days for hope, love and joy, Paris-based Cyber Group Studios and giftware brand Precious Moment are co-producing the first-ever series based on the latter’s brand.

Scott and Julie Stewart (Kate & Mim-Mim) have created the CG-animated Precious Moments series for preschoolers, and it follows eight-year-old Hope and her pet hamster as they give gifts and help people experience special moments, such as riding a bike for the first time. In addition to the 52 x 11-minute core show, Cyber Group has plans for four holiday specials, each between 30 and 60 minutes in length. No word yet on delivery dates for these projects.

Precious Moments is a 40-year-old giftware brand that sells a variety of consumer products for kids and families, such as porcelain figures, plush and décor. It was adapted into several animated specials in the ’90s, including NBC’s Timmy’s Gift from Rick Reinert Production and straight-to-VHS title Simon the Lamb. But this is the first time the brand has gotten a long-form series treatment, says Shehnaz Safiuddin, VP of product and marketing at Missouri-based Precious Moments.

Kids are in need of something that teaches love, hope and how to enjoy life’s small but beautiful moments, she says. And the show will help introduce Precious Moments’ range of products to a new generation of kids, as well as sparking nostalgia in adults.

With its built-in focus on generosity and helping others, the show has the potential to resonate with families around the world after a difficult year and a half of pandemic life, says Karen Miller, president of Cyber Group Studios USA.

“Globally it’s been a challenging 18 months, and we’ve seen people and communities come together in the very best of ways,” she says. “The value of helping one’s community, and the joy in doing so, is what our series celebrates.”

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