Mondo TV merges its Spanish subsidiaries

The Italian producer-distributor's Canary Islands operation has absorbed its Madrid office to create one studio and improve kids content productivity.
October 5, 2021

Italian kids content producer-distributor Mondo TV Group has folded its Mondo TV Iberoamérica prodco into subsidiary Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, renaming the new entity Mondo TV Studios.

The integrated company will be led by CEO Maria Bonaria Fois and studio director Enrico Martinis. Fois previously held the same position for both both divisions, while Martinis was director of the Tenerife-based studio since its formation in 2016.

By combining the Madrid-based Iberoamérica office—which focuses on administration and the distribution of animated and live-action content—with the Canary Islands animation production hub, Mondo TV Studios is aiming to streamline its technical capabilities and create efficiencies to enhance productivity in its growing kids content pipeline.

The company’s 13-year-old office in Madrid is set to close at the end of October, but its team of four are to remain in the city working remotely on distribution, and administration will now be handled from Tenerife. Mondo TV Studios currently has a staff of 60 and is looking to grow.

The new division will primarily focus on providing 2D- and CG-animated service work for third parties, as well as for international co-productions that can take advantage of the Canary Islands’ 50% tax rebate on animated TV series and movies. Its projects will primarily target kids and families, but the studio may also develop some adult animation. And the distribution business will remain focused on Spain, Italy, Portugal, Latin America and Spanish-speaking US.

Prior to the merger, Mondo TV Iberoamérica mainly did admin work on kids co-pros for Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Spanish-speaking US, as well as distributing the company’s own portfolio and third-party content in these regions. In live action, it’s best known for Heidi Bienvenida, and is currently working on a pair of 2D-animated shows—Annie & Carola (pictured) and Masked Cinderella—with fellow Spanish studio MB Producciones.

Mondo TV Producciones Canarias primarily specialized in pre-production and 2D animation production on shows such as MeteoHeroes and Disco Dragon until Mondo TV Group diversified its pipeline last year. The parentco invested around US$350,000 (€300,000) in a new 3D/CG animation studio at that time to keep up with global demand for animation and counter the live-action production delays brought on by the pandemic.

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