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LEGO launches new online safety tools

The brickmaker's Build & Talk series is designed to help parents have meaningful conversations with kids about privacy and safe sharing.
August 18, 2021

The LEGO Group is launching new tools to help families talk about digital safety and privacy, following a recent study in which five out of six parents said their kids don’t confide in them when something bad happens online.

LEGO’s Build & Talk series is designed to help parents and caregivers have meaningful conversations with children ages seven to 11 about difficult topics like cyberbullying and scams. The most recent activity pack focuses on privacy and safe sharing. As grown-ups read the story that’s included in the kit out loud, kids are encouraged to build along with their LEGO bricks. Topics covered in this new package include what makes a good password and how to keep personal information secure.

This newest addition to the Build & Talk series was developed in line with the digital competency framework pioneered by child online safety think tank DQInstitute.

The online needs of kids have been a focus for LEGO lately—The LEGO Foundation recently partnered with Scratch Foundation to provide resources for Scratch’s online learning community through a US$10-million grant designed to support the development of new digital tools, activities and educational materials. Additionally, The LEGO Group hosted its first-ever live-streamed virtual convention for kids on June 26.

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