Cartoon Network Studios working with Matthew Cherry

Battu is an animated musical comedy for kids and families created by the Hair Love filmmaker and award-winning director/write Chaz Bottoms.
July 15, 2021

Cartoon Network Studios has partnered with Matthew Cherry (Hair Love) and award-winning director, animator and writer Chaz Bottoms to develop a new coming-of-age musical comedy series.

Battu (from the French ballet term for beat) centers around Chicago teenagers Otis and Jada, who fall in love with a style of dance called hiplet—a combination of hip-hop and ballet. The show is based on Bottoms’ animated short film Battu: An Animated Musical, which is currently in production. No details about format or expected delivery were available at press time.

Cartoon Network Studios will produce the series, with studio head Sam Register serving as an executive producer, along with Cherry, Bottoms and Monica Young (Hair Love).

Cherry and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max are working on a TV series adaptation of his Oscar-winning short film Hair Love. Sony Pictures Animation is producing the series, with Cherry on board as the showrunner.

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