What do parents pick for family viewing?

EXCLUSIVE: When it comes to co-viewing, parents are calling the shots, and they want more nostalgia and social issues.
July 14, 2021

According to new research from WildBrain Spark and Ipsos MORI, more than half of US parents (48%) are the ones who pick content for family viewing, and they’re gravitating towards nostalgia and social issues.

Entitled “The Streaming Generation: Shaping the Future of Family Advertising,” the study finds that  many parents (64%) use their power over the remote to tune into shows that remind them of their childhood. Roughly one-third of respondents (31%) co-view TV specifically to share the IPs they loved as kids with their own children.

Parents are also looking for co-viewing options that tackle broader social problems, with 34% reporting they want to watch content that teaches their kids about key issues. The top-five topics parents want to see addressed are: nature and animal conservation (45%), bullying (37%), global cultures (35%), race and cultural diversity (34%) and mental health (33%).

Families are spending lots of time together in front of the TV these days, with 80% of parents saying they watch with their kids several times a week, and nearly half (44%) saying they watch together daily. And almost all (92%) of the respondents are expecting these habits to continue once pandemic restrictions lift.

Ipsos MORI and WildBrain Spark surveyed 2,009 parents and guardians of kids ages two to 12 in the US in May and June 2021.

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