Got2Glow Fairy Finder

WowWee releases virtual fairies into the wild

The toyco's new Got2Glow Fairy Finder lets kids collect fay creatures around their homes, says VP of brand development and creative strategy Sydney Wiseman.
June 24, 2021

WowWee is ready to make some magic with its new Got2Glow Fairy Finder tech toy line. Launching at major retailers in July, the range features a jar kids can use to capture and collect more than 100 virtual fairies in their homes, outside and even in the dark.

By opening the lid of the jar and moving around, kids can find different fairies who produce a light and music show before appearing on the jar’s small screen. Geared at kids ages six and up, each Got2Glow Fairy Finder (US$39.99) jar comes with 30 unique fairies to find, and kids can trade their collections with friends to capture them all.

There are also fairies hidden in each jar that are set to be released on certain dates. Secret codes will launch on social media in connection with holidays, for example, allowing kids to capture new fairies throughout the year.

The toy senses fairies using light and motion sensors to recognize different environments, rather than GPS or other tracking systems that might gather data, says Sydney Wiseman, VP of brand development and creative strategy at WowWee.

In addition to collecting fairies, kids can also interact with the magical creatures—talking to them, feeding them or giving them virtual hugs, for example—by pressing certain buttons. A free companion app, Find My Fairy, features a virtual checklist children can use to keep track of their collections, and it also includes additional information about each fairy’s unique appearance and personality.

WowWee is also considering content inspired by the brand in the future, which would open up the possibility for new fairy releases connected to premiere dates, Wiseman says.

The team isn’t ruling out any categories because the Got2Glow Fairy Finder has the potential to connect with a wide-ranging audience, she adds. Younger kids will gravitate towards the magical themes and imaginative play, while older children will likely focus on the collectibility. So the WowWee team wants to keep its options open as it works on expanding the brand.


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