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Jetpack hitches wagon to Stella & the Starlets

Twizzlewhizz has hung a new shingle for the 3D-animated series and will work with Jetpack to secure pre-sales and co-producers.
June 17, 2021

Jetpack Distribution has acquired global sales rights to CG-animated Stella & the Starlets from Twizzlewhizz.

Based in London, five-year-old Twizzlewhizz has set up a separate company to produce the 52 x 11-minute series. Stella Starlets is also headed up by Twizzlewhizz founder Kate Wogan, and will work with Jetpack to secure pre-sales and co-producers.

Targeting kids ages four to seven, Stella & the Starlets is about a young girl who summons elemental heroes to help her protect the environment. It’s in pre-production now.

Wogan co-created the concept with former Nickelodeon UK VP Debbie Macdonald, who left Nick in 2011 and has since worked in various consulting and creative roles. She served as head writer on Taktoon Enterprises’ The Curious World of Linda, and co-created animated series Streetcat Bob for Shooting Script Films.

Twizzlewhizz originally partnered with London’s Blue Zoo Animation on Stella & the Starlets back in 2019, but Blue Zoo has since stepped away from the project.

Twizzlewhizz also has a preschool project called Uh Oh Milo! in development. It’s an adaptation of a book series penned by Wogan that revolves around a kid and his grandmother who encounter unusual creatures like goblins and imps.


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