Fred Seibert plans Chinese incubator with DeZerlin

The partners are launching a new talent/content development program called Hot Pot! Cartoons that will yield 10 shorts for global distribution as an anthology.
June 16, 2021

Fred Seibert’s new production studio FredFilms is teaming up with China’s DeZerlin Entertainment to launch Hot Pot! Cartoons, a local incubator program that’s aiming to bring new Chinese talent and content into the global marketplace.

FredFilms and Qingdao-based DeZerlin will supervise a select group of creators as they develop 10 animated shorts, which will later be distributed globally as an anthology under the name Hot Pot! Cartoons.

This collection will be executive produced by Seibert (pictured) and DeZerlin’s Lin Zhang, along with Brian Murphy and Mark Byers. FredFilm and DeZerlin are sharing distribution rights.

The Hot Pot! Cartoons program is now accepting submissions, but there were no details available at press time about how to apply.

It’s been a busy few months for Seibert. In late 2020, he left his role as chief creative officer for Wow! Unlimited Media, which owns Frederator Networks and Mainframe Studios. His departure meant he also stepped down from his role as CEO of Frederator, which he founded in 1997. Earlier this year, FredFilms signed a deal giving ViacomCBS International Studios a first look at a minimum of three new concepts.

Incubators are nothing new for Seibert, who has created many such programs over the years, including Oh Yeah! Cartoons and Random! Cartoons for Nickelodeon, and Too Cool! Cartoons with YouTube.

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