CN Climate Champions

Cartoon Network launches Climate Champions

The EMEA-wide content campaign challenges kids to make small changes every day to protect the environment.
June 1, 2021

Cartoon Network is going green with a new EMEA campaign to tackle climate change. Cartoon Network Climate Champions is designed to inspire kids ages six to 12 to take on daily challenges—such as taking shorter showers—that will protect the environment.

The regional effort launched today in 18 languages, with support from the World Wildlife Fund. A Climate Champions microsite features challenges, quizzes, games and informational videos for families looking to get involved.

Cartoon Network is also collaborating with the Digital Video team at CNN to produce content featuring young climate advocates from across the EMEA. These informational videos will highlight grassroots efforts led by young people to show kids they can make a difference no matter how old they are.

Climate Champions joins a wave of eco-conscious content that has hit the market in recent months, including a number of Earth Day-focused initiatives in April. Recent efforts include Nickelodeon’s Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change special, and a partnership between WWF and the studios behind upcoming animated feature film Koati (which stars exotic animals working to save their rainforest environment) to create educational materials related to the pic.

A number of kidcos have also been going green internally, rolling out programs that swap plastic bottles with reusable jugs, offering meatless lunch menus, and restricting travel plans in a bid to shrink their carbon footprints.

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