LEGO Ninja Vlogs

LEGO gets real with Ninja Vlogs

The brickmaker has launched its first content using real-time animation to interact with its kid viewers live.
May 31, 2021

LEGO is branching out into a new type of content with the launch of its three-part Ninja Vlogs, marking the first time the company has used motion capture and real-time rendering.

This collection of 3D-animated vlog-style videos sees characters from the LEGO Ninjago series fighting dangerous monsters and meeting new friends. Kids ages six to 12 watching live at home can interact with the videos and contribute to the project’s overall story in real time. Using the LEGO Life app, viewers are encouraged to answer polls, ask the characters questions, and make their own LEGO creations that will be showcased throughout the episodes.

Using real-time animation, the brickmaker can translate the motion-capture movements of the actors into animation near-instantaneously so that it looks like they’re reacting to the live audience.

LEGO is experimenting with the tech to try and move beyond broadcasting for kids to engaging them in conversation, according to a release. Having the characters react to viewers’ questions and homemade art helps kids feel like they’re at the heart of building the content, the company said.

The first three-minute episode in the series premiered May 28 on LEGO Life and on LEGO’s kids website. New ones will drop every other Friday until July 2.

Kidcos are increasingly turning to real-time animation to create more interactive entertainment. Vancouver-based Wind Sun Sky (Invincible, Camp Bonkers) recently turned mobile game My Singing Monsters into an animated series that kids can interact with live, and Cyber Group Studios is using the tech to create three new series, including live/interactive talk show Giganto Club

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