Curious George 5: Go West, Go Wild

SVODs, ranked by demand for kids content

Netflix continues to dominate in kids streaming content demand, and Peacock is falling behind the pack, according to new data from Parrot Analytics.
April 19, 2021

With all the major streamers officially on the scene now, the battle for eyeballs is fiercer than ever. New data from Parrot Analytics sheds light on how they’re faring with kids…and it isn’t a rosy picture across the board.

Analyzing viewership trends between January 1 and March 31 using a proprietary algorithm that tracks kids content streams, social chatter and downloads, Parrot’s data shows Peacock lagging behind its competitors.

The NBCUniversal streamer captured just 1.2% of overall viewership demand for kids content, compared to Netflix (22.3%),  Amazon Prime Video (16.9%), Paramount+ (16.4%), Disney+ (15.3%), Hulu (15.2%) and HBO Max (12.7%).

But it wasn’t all bad news for Peacock—Curious George (pictured) was 8.85 times more in demand than the average kids show, and DreamWorks Dragons was 6.43 times more in demand.

Peacock launched in July 2020, offering a slate of kids titles from DreamWorks and shows that had previously been released on the now-defunct Universal Kids linear channel. Last week, the platform announced it has two new unscripted family series in development with Departure Films.

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