Wind Sun Sky plays with live animation

The studio is using the Unity real-time game engine to create an interactive animated series based on mobile game My Singing Monsters, says Catherine Winder.
March 15, 2021

Vancouver-based prodco Wind Sun Sky has turned mobile game My Singing Monsters into an animated series,  experimenting with live interactivity to create a more engaging experience with the brand.

My Singing Monsters Fandemonium (pictured) is a live-animated variety show that features characters from the app singing songs, telling stories and playing. Viewers are able to vote in polls and leave comments, which the characters react to in real time.

The eight x 15-minute series launched on March 12, with new episodes dropping every Friday on YouTube and Facebook.

Wind Sun Sky is using the Unity game engine to render Fandemonium‘s characters in real time, adjusting their movements so it looks like they’re interacting with audience reactions. Between episodes, the prodco is also asking viewers to vote on what content they want to see in the following weeks, and encouraging kids to create and submit their own short musical videos that may be included in the final episode.

Unity lets the studio live stream the series on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously, broadening its potential reach, says Wind Sun Sky CEO Catherine Winder.

Fandemonium is based on a popular mobile game that Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble launched in 2012; it has since attracted more than 115 million global players who collect different musical monsters to create songs. The series will work both as a vehicle to share new game content and draw in new fans, says Winder.

“The brand has a pre-existing audience and a musical component that makes it appealing to adapt, but we also wanted to build it in a way we hadn’t seen before,” says Winder. “This is something I had been exploring for four years, and it’s a different way to give fans a chance to meet their favorite characters.”

Although live animation is new for Wind Sun Sky, the studio is already working on a second property to produce in a similar way. Winder declined to share any details about this next project, but Wind Sun Sky also holds rights to IPs including Camp Bonkers, Snap Ships and Super Dinosaur.

“We’re pioneering what I see as a groundbreaking approach to kids and family storytelling,” she says. “I’m excited to learn from this and adapt it not just in the kids and family space, but in adult content as well.”

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