Results of Kidscreen’s Industry Survey

Kidcos weigh in on what they're excited about, worrying over and exploring next in our first-annual Kids Industry survey.
March 4, 2021

Kicking off Kidscreen‘s first-ever Kids Industry Survey, more than 450 professionals working in the global kids entertainment industry filled out our online questionnaire. This year’s respondents helped us create a benchmark to measure trends in the kids space—from where the money is flowing, to how job satisfaction is spiking or waning, to what keeps everyone awake at night.

Despite a difficult year, the majority of folks are pleased with their jobs, with a few seeing raises and growth at their companies. Work/life balance is, unsurprisingly, the top personal stressor across the industry, while understanding the fallout of COVID-19 on the media landscape shaped how people are viewing their business challenges.

Elsewhere, adult animation may be poised for huge growth as plenty of respondents have identified it as a new area of opportunity. What else is on the industry’s mind? Read on to find out.

Methodology: More than 450 respondents across the industry participated in this survey between October and November 2020.

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