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Sesame, Skoog launch accessible toy

To encourage active engagement with content, the Skoog Cube plays songs, games and stories featuring Sesame Street characters.
January 11, 2021

Sesame Workshop and accessible kidtech company Skoog have teamed up on a new toy that lets preschoolers and kids interact with Sesame content in a screen-free way.

Based in Scotland, Skoog is a media tech company known for creating a cube device that lets users push buttons to hear different songs, music and stories. It launched in 2015 to help kids with disabilities and those who have trouble using screens be able to express themselves through music and content. This partnership with Sesame is Skoog’s first kids brand collaboration.

When kids press the soft buttons on the Sesame branded Skoog Cube, it will play songs, games and stories that feature Sesame Street characters. The product is designed to help move kids towards more active engagement with content, compared to the passive experience of watching a screen, according to a statement from Skoog. The cube is also meant to make play more accessible to all kids, because it’s easier for them to use than other devices like smart phones.

Expanding beyond digital content has become a focus for kidcos during the pandemic. In recent months, preschool education app Curious World, educational platform iD Tech and prodco Encantos have each rolled out new offerings and physical products to support the many different ways that kids learn.

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