Ricky Strauss steps down from Disney+ and Hulu

Ending a nine-year tenure with Disney, the head of programming for both streamers is leaving.
January 7, 2021

Kidscreen has confirmed that Ricky Strauss, who oversaw programming for Disney+ and Hulu, is leaving the company. He made a “personal decision,” according to an internal memo from direct-to-consumer and international operations chair Rebecca Campbell.

Strauss served at Disney for nine years, and said in a memo of his own that he intends to pursue new creative endeavors. He attributed his departure to theĀ new structure and changes to his role, which he felt would not provide him with the opportunity to do the kind of work he loves to do and make the “intended impact” at Disney.

Campbell confirmed that the recent reorganization has meant significant changes to Strauss’s role.

Moving forward, Joe Earley, EVP of marketing and operations for Disney+, will add content curation for the platform to his remit. Early continues to report to Michael Paull, while Brian Henderson, who oversees Hulu content curation, will report to Kelly Campbell.

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