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Primetime Emmys drop kids category

With the rise of anytime viewing, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is consolidating all kids awards into the Daytime Emmys.
November 3, 2020

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is dropping its children’s programming category from the Primetime Emmy race and moving it to the Daytime Awards instead, as the rise in streaming blurs when kids are actually watching content.

Managed by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the Daytime Emmys will oversee all kids awards beginning with next year’s competition.

The majority of kids programming categories have historically been awarded in the Daytime Emmys, with the exception of the award for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programming, which the Primetime Emmys have handed out for decades. The Daytime Emmys, meanwhile, has recognized work in categories including animated series, short-format programs, and preschool and young adult content.

With tune-in-anytime streaming doing away with the traditional concept of daypart viewing, opting to have all kids content enter in a single channel should help to eliminate confusion and streamline submissions; SVODs were previously able to enter their kids series in either the Primetime or Daytime Emmys. The change will also address the issue of linear broadcasters premiering a show in primetime one year before shifting it to a daytime slot, thereby affecting category eligibility.

Last year, the organizations took a step to prevent this specific issue, rolling out a restriction stating that a primetime version of a daytime program could only compete in the Daytime Emmys. This ended a three-year winning streak for Sesame Street in the Primetime Emmy race; HBO’s 2019 Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary Celebration (pictured) primetime special was entered in the Daytime race, where it won an award.

This shift will not affect who votes to determine the kids winners, as the children’s programming peer group has traditionally voted for winners at both shows.

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