Former JAM execs set up new shingle

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Dicker, John Reynolds and Lena Byrne have launched Sow You with three series spanning CG, live action and slapstick 2D.
September 23, 2020

A trio of former JAM Media execs—Chris Dicker (pictured left), John Reynolds (right) and Lena Byrne (center)—have launched their own Dublin-based production company, Sow You Entertainment.

Dicker and Byrne will executive produce all new projects, with Dicker also serving as showrunner. Reynolds will take the lead commercially, and will manage financing for the development and production slates.

Dicker and Reynolds left JAM as head of development and chief commercial officer, respectively, in the spring. While there, Dicker created Amazon Prime’s Jessy and Nessy and was the co-creator of Nickelodeon’s Becca’s Bunch. Byrne worked as head of scripting at JAM, leaving in January.

The Sow You name is a play on a common refrain from Byrne (she often refers to things as “so you”), as well as the prodco’s goal of sowing the seeds of ideas and being a place where creators can grow. “Hopefully we can harvest a few shows,” Dicker jokes.

Sow You plans on offering creators more than the 5% to 10% share of rights to their shows that’s typical in the industry. “I’m a creator, [and] it’s crazy the way creators are treated—you own very little of something that’s come out of your brain,” says Dicker. “I would like to be a place where creators are respected, because I know what it’s like to be on the other side.”

The trio are already working on a few projects, including a preschool CG series, a live-action comedy for older kids, and slapstick 2D-animated comedy for eight to 11s. Sow You will only work on a handful of ideas at any one time in order to dedicate more energy to those IPs.

Sow You Entertainment will be creating and developing ideas and retaining creative control, but it will not act as a studio; as such, it’s looking for production partners.

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