COVID Catchup: Ukulele & virus rewrites

Gaumont's Kimberly Dennison has been working on her dance moves and carefully avoiding any wording that alludes to worldwide viruses in upcoming projects.
September 9, 2020

Business has irrevocably changed since COVID-19 swept the globe. In the kids industry, one of the biggest fallouts has been the shift away from in-person market gatherings, where deals get signed, programs get greenlit, and peers connect and catch up. Kidscreen checks in with execs at some kids production and distribution companies to see what they’ve been up to in this unprecedented time. 

Today, we’re touching base with Kimberly Dennison, SVP and creative executive for animation and family at Gaumont. Keep your eyes peeled for more Q&As throughout the month, and catch up on the series so far here.

Kidscreen: What do you most miss about doing business before COVID-19?

Kimberly Dennison: Seeing my co-workers face to face and enjoying time with them…and my standing desk.

KS: What have you been primarily working on since you went in lockdown? 

KD: My dance moves, mostly. Oh, and continuing to develop shows.

KS: Did COVID-19 change any project you were working on?

KD: We had to be careful about [the language] on one of our projects so as not to allude to any kind of worldwide virus—of the zombie-causing variety.

KS: Have there been any positive changes as a result of doing business in lockdown? Will these practices stick around? 

KD: Yes, and I hope some do. We’ve all become so comfortable with virtual calls now. I hope that even if we are at the office we continue with virtual calls instead of just phone calls and emails so we can put faces to names and have a little more connection with people who are far away.

KS: What hobbies have you picked up?

KD: I can’t say I’ve had much time to cultivate new hobbies. So sadly, my ukulele playing has not improved.

KS: What have you missed least about going to an office?

KD: Commuting in LA traffic. I’m using that time to enjoy my home and get working a little earlier.

KS: What event or trip cancellation left you most upset?

KD: Annecy, for sure.

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