Are you ready for the holiday season rush?

It may be August, but parents are already planning on buying more gifts earlier to combat pandemic-related anxieties, new research from SuperAwesome finds.
August 19, 2020

Consumers are ready to start decking the halls…in August. According to recent research from UK-based digital kids company SuperAwesome, parents are planning to start their 2020 holiday purchasing earlier than ever to avoid quarantine-related delays.

SuperAwesome’s report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 parents and kids six to 16 across the US. The online survey was conducted between July 8 and 14 by the Insights People and additional data was provided through outreach to the kid-focused content community PopJam.

SuperAwesome says parents will begin what it dubs “present prepping.” More than half (65%) of parents surveyed said they plan to make holiday purchases between July and October due to concerns around stock availabilities and distribution delays.

Following the retail closures that took place earlier this year, many parents also plan on shifting a significant amount of their holiday spending to e-commerce. The vast majority of parents surveyed said they planned to shop online (40%) or both online and in stores (45%), while just 6% reported their preference is to shop exclusively at brick-and-mortar retail.

According to the report, kids are very aware that the 2020 holiday season will involve less travel and fewer visits with extended family. As a result, parents are planning to go big when it comes to gift giving in order to compensate. And it turns out that tech is at the top of kids’ wish lists across all age groups. Nearly 75% of children interviewed reported they will ask for a new gaming console this holiday season. The report also found that two-thirds of kids started playing a multi-player game during lockdown, and one in three use in-game chat features to keep in touch with their friends in quarantine.

Almost all (88%) of the kids SuperAwesome surveyed said they planned to compile a holiday wish list, with most planning to create and share that list with their family digitally. Because the majority of those digital wish lists will be supplemented with links to desired items (75%), it’s crucial that IP owners and toymakers connect with children online to make sure their products are not only top of mind but also easily shared with parents, says SuperAwesome.

Nearly all parents (97%) plan to follow their kids’ wish list and, in fact, one in five parents surveyed said they planned to buy every single item on the list.

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