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Studio 100 alum start new French CG studio

With a focus on flexible and agile CG animation, Hue Dada! already has a new series for three to fives in the pipeline.
June 12, 2020

Seven animation experts are joining together to launch the new French CG studio Hue Dada! Productions. Hue Dada is led by Jean-François Ramos (producer), Jérôme Mouscadet (art director and director), Quentin Auger (head of innovation), Sophie Decroisette (editorial director), Emmanuelle Chabord (chief financial officer), Fabrice Delapierre (CG supervisor and director) and Jonathan Giroux (head of software engineering)—who previously worked together at Studio 100.

Based in Paris, Hue Dada aims to provide CG animation that is more flexible in terms of techniques and creativity, more agile and more collaborative, says Ramos. Hue Dada will use a new-generation production pipeline, which was tested at Studio 100 Animation (and won the Autodesk Shotgun award at SIGGRAPH in 2019) but has now been optimized by Hue Dada! Productions. It allows VR operators, storyboarders and directors to interact in real time so that all departments along the creative chain, from concept to post-production can collaborate on one project. 

There are currently 15 people on staff working on both service projects as well as original IPs.

First up is the studios own IP, Blackboard Monsters, a series for three to fives in development. The studio is also working on a series for eight to 12s about French baking with the participation of a famous pastry chef. And finally a series of short formats for adults in co-production with a stand-up comedian.

Hue Dada! will also offer three types of service work: production of CG animation for series, features, commercials, trailers, clips, institutional films; prototyping for CG animation projects including facilitating the greenlight of artistic and technical choices and fine-tuning budgets; production of additional CG content to bring to life IP for producers and publishers from editorial design to broadcast on web platforms.

So far, it has worked on a few service projects, including a Maya the Bee TV commercial for Lidl Slovakia in partnership with Studio 100. It also made interstitial Les Hoofs broadcast on France’s TFOU this summer.

Photo (clockwise, bottom left to right): Emmanuelle Chabord, Jean-François Ramos, Jérôme Mouscadet, Fabrice Delapierre, Jonathan Giroux, Quentin Auger and Sophie Decroisette.

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