Genius Brands announces Kartoon Channel! hires

Former Fox Kids Networks head Margaret Loesch and former Disney exec David Neuman are to be tasked with growing the soon-to-launch kids OTT.
June 5, 2020

Genius Brands International announced two new hires as it prepares to launch its upcoming digital channel. Former Fox Kids Networks Worldwide president and CEO Margaret Loesch (pictured, left) was named executive chairman of the California-based company’s upcoming Kartoon Channel!, and former Disney Television president David Neuman (pictured, right) takes the role of chief creative officer.

Loesch previously held roles with Marvel Productions and The Jim Henson Company. She has also served on Genius Brands’ board of directors since 2016. Neuman, meanwhile, joins Genius Brands from media company Happs, a live-streaming news app. He previously served as president of Walt Disney Television from 1996 to 1998.

In their new roles, Loesch and Neuman will be responsible for building viewership, market share and advertising demand for Kartoon Channel! as well as attracting creative content. Neuman will work closely with Caroline Tyre, who was hired by Genius Brands as SVP of international distribution in June 2019.

Kartoon Channel! will launch in the US on June 15 and target kids ages two to 11. More than 4,000 episodes from shows including Baby Genius, Shark Academy, Dino the Dinosaur and Super Geek Heroes will be available on the channel. The OTT channel will not require a subscription, and will be available through a number of platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Roku, among others.

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