SpongeBob 100x more in-demand than average show

Nickelodeon's yellow sponge has been hugely in-demand so far this year in North America, but globally, eOne's Peppa Pig comes out on top.
March 6, 2020

In North America, SpongeBob SquarePants (pictured) is reigning supreme as the most in-demand kids show between January 1 and March 1, according to Parrot Analytics. But, on a global level the popular underwater sponge has been bested by a little pink pig that goes by the name of Peppa.

Parrot’s proprietary algorithm measures social media interactions, social video views, online research for the shows and piracy numbers to figure out what the demand is for the average show. It then weighs individual series against this average to determine a rank.

For the beginning of 2020, Parrot found that Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants was 117.26x more in-demand than the average series in North America. Next up was Steven Universe (84.96x), followed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars (71x), Dragon Ball Z (64.65x) and PAW Patrol (56.64x).

SpongeBob falls to second place globally, however, at 17.16x more in-demand than the average series. eOne’s Peppa Pig is at number one with 18.76x, while PAW Patrol comes in at number three (15.05x), followed by Masha and the Bear (14.75x) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (12.66x).

In Asia, Peppa Pig is still the most in-demand (15.73x). In LatAm, however, Steven Universe comes out on top with 31.21x more demand than the average show. And in EMEA it’s PAW Patrol that tops the list (21.23x).

Star Wars: Clone Wars has made quite the ascent after not showing up in the October, November or December rankings—it’s now at number five globally and shows up in the top five in both Asia and North America. This follows the series getting cancelled after season six in 2013, and then brought back for a seventh season on Disney+ starting on February 21, showing Disney+’s programming is starting to make an impact on what kids want to watch.

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