WowWee goes from toys to toothbrushes

The Canadian company is expanding into the health and beauty category with its new BriteBrush range.
February 11, 2020

WowWee has a bright idea. Known for tech-focused toy offerings like Fingerlings and Pixie Belles, the Canadian toymaker is bringing its expertise to toothbrushes with the new BriteBrush range.

The BriteBrush GameBrush (ages five and up) features seven games, including Space Attack, Pinball, Dance Star, Race Car Rally and Rockstar Jam. The BriteBrush Pinkfong Baby Shark (ages three and up), meanwhile, features several games as well as the wildly catchy “Baby Shark” song. The range’s games and music are designed to help kids brush properly, says WowWee’s chief technical officer Davin Sufer.

“As kids brush, they activate the sound effects and gameplay. The intention is to keep it interesting and challenging,” he says.

The brushes use sensor technology that determines when kids are brushing properly, which means brushing up and down rather than side to side. If kids stop brushing properly, they will hear a voice or sound effect that prompts them to keep going. GameBrush’s Race Car Rally game, for example, requires kids to brush for a certain amount of time in order to cross the finish line. Obstacles will appear on the track, prompting kids to change their brushing by, for example, switching to the other side of their mouth.

The brushes measure how long the session lasts, whether or not kids switched sides when prompted, and how many times during the session the sensor was triggered to register the proper up-and-down technique. Those three variables are scored from one to 10 and graded as green (good), yellow (needs improvement) or red (did not brush well).

Moving forward, Sufer says, WowWee will explore additional health and beauty products—as well as other categories entirely—that could benefit from the toyco’s sense of whimsy.

“We’re determining where we can take that sense of play and entertainment and put that into everyday activities for kids. Kids brush their teeth twice a day, so that’s twice a day they’re playing with this product. With a traditional toy, kids may or may not play with it on any given day.”

Both brushes are available in the US through Target, and will soon be available through Walmart and Amazon. The suggested retail price is US$19.99 – US$24.99, and the brushes will bow with additional retailers later this year.

Additionally, there are plans underway to expand into more territories, and new licenses are also being lined up.

“We’re looking at a lot of different brands and characters, and have a few things slated for later this year or early next year,” Sufer says. “Because we’re known for our toy products and have a lot of relationships in the industry, it’s been really fun to go through our Rolodex of what toy licenses would work well with this kind of product.”


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