Hype, PunkRobot & Red Animation form Los Amigos

The three LatAm studios have set up a coalition with shared 2D and CGI capabilities to create a cohesive cross-territorial pipeline.
February 10, 2020

Brazil’s Hype (Tainá and the Guardians of the Amazon), Chile’s PunkRobot (Bear Story) and Peru’s Red Animation Studios (A Mouse Tale) have combined forces to form a new studio dubbed Los Amigos, with a shared pipeline across the three territories.

Two years in the making, Los Amigos has now fully combined its production pipelines for 2D and CGI so that all of the work it does is in real-time between the three countries. The goal is to be able to provide quality work, on time and at affordable prices. The company is working on a the new Disney LatAm animated preschool series Guitar & Drum (pictured), which was picked up this past October, according to a press release.

Los Amigos is now working on several short series for a major game studio, that has yet to be revealed. The coalition also has several new productions lined up for greenlights, and is looking for service work to do with the new pipeline.

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