YouTube Kids US$100-million fund based on 12-word criteria

In a briefing sent out to partners, the AVOD specifies that it's looking for content built around key words such as creativity, compassion and communication.
February 5, 2020

YouTube has released a new brief to several of industry partners detailing how it will dole out some of that previously announced US$100-million content investment. In the brief, obtained by Kidscreen, YouTube says it is “looking to drive outcomes associated with the following character strengths:” courage, compassion, communication, gratitude, curiosity, humility, teamwork, integrity, perseverance, self-control, empathy and creativity.

The AVOD giant is looking for shows that bring “the spirit of YouTube” to life for kids ages three to eight. Content can be unscripted, scripted, animated or live actionbut it needs to feel unique to YouTube.

The briefing document also says that the company is looking for content that inspires kids to develop life skills and pursue their passions; establish healthy habits and care for themselves; increase their understanding of culture and diversity; and/or engage with and care for their community.

The US$100-million fund was announced back in September to help content makers create “thoughtful, original” children’s content for its platform, but YouTube declined to give more information on the funding parameters at the time. The announcement was made following YouTube getting slapped with a record US$170-million settlement from the US Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General for allegedly collecting personal information from children without parental consent.

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