Serious Lunch adds a new trio to its slate

The New Legends of Monkey, Monty & Co and Tik Tak will all be available at MIP Junior next month.
September 26, 2019

London-based distributor Serious Lunch has added three new titles to its slate.

From See-Saw Films, The New Legends of Monkey is a 20 x 26-minute live-action serialized drama starring Chai Hansen (The 100, Mako Mermaids). A sequel to Wu Ch’eng-En’s classic novel Journey to the West, the show follows a young woman trying to restore peace by reawakening the Monkey King and two other gods. The series is aimed at teen and family viewers. The first 10-episode season was released on Netflix, ABC (Australia) and TVNZ (New Zealand) last year, with a second season set for 2020. Serious Lunch picked up the distribution rights for all 20 episodes across EST (electronic-sell-through or download to own) and linear TV.

Pipkins Productions’ Monty & Co is a 52 x 11-minute preschool puppet series made by Paul Jomain (The Jim Henson Company, Avenue Q). Performed by The Jim Henson Company’s Muppet Films/Spitting Image’s Nigel Plaskitt, Monty is a wallaby that lives with a collection of characters above a bring, buy and mend shop. Each episode is a mini-drama that focuses on the character’s emotions. Serious Lunch acquired the worldwide rights to the series.

The distributor is also representing the original 366 episodes of VRT/Ketnet’s toddler show Tik Tak (pictured) that aired from 1981-1992, and its 104 x 5-minute new episodes. The non-verbal, non-narrative show features a cast of toddlers from across the globe and focuses on music, games, colors and shapes to stimulate cognitive development. Serious Lunch has worldwide distribution rights outside of the Benelux and the series has been picked up by NOS in the Netherlands

The three titles will be at MIP Junior next month.

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