Mattel launches gender-inclusive toys

Creatable World features multiple hair and clothing options that allow kids to customize dolls not dictated by gender norms.
September 25, 2019

Mattel is encouraging kids to play without labels. The toymaker’s new customizable doll line Creatable World features extensive wardrobe options (including accessories and wigs) that allow children to style each doll with long or short hair, and with fashion statements that include both a skirt and pants.

According to Mattel’s research, kids don’t want their toys to be dictated by gender norms. The company worked with parents, physicians, children and experts in culture, gender and psychology to create the new range.

Creatable World includes six doll kits available in a variety of skin tones. Each kit includes one doll, two hairstyles and a number of clothing options for US$30. The range is available online through major retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart, and in Mastermind Toys locations. In 2020, Creatable World will be available in additional retail locations in select regions.

Mattel’s inclusivity efforts aren’t limited to this new line. In January 2016 the toyco launched its Fashionistas range, which features tall, curvy and petite Barbies. In June 2017, Mattel expanded the line with 15 new Ken dolls boasting slim, broad and original body types as well as additional skin tones and hairstyles.

Moving forward, Creatable World’s gender-inclusive play pattern could be incorporated into the company’s other ranges, according to Kelly Powers, global brand communications manager at Mattel.

“I think it’s always an option,” she tells Kidscreen. “Depending on how this is received, we can take key learnings from the range and infuse them across other lines.”

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