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Linear TV still popular for younger viewers

Though OTT continues to gain popularity, Canadian kids still love traditional TV, a new study finds.
August 26, 2019

As the next generation becomes more in tune with technology than its predecessors, OTT service providers have grown in popularity, but a new report from Media Technology Monitor Junior finds kids are still tuning in to good old traditional TV in Canada.

Some 72% of Anglophone kids between the ages of two and 17 years watch OTT streamers, found in two-thirds of Canadian households. Still, a paid TV subscription is common among 76% of Canadian viewers, compared to just 65% who subscribe to an OTT service of some sort. Kids aged two- to six-years-old were found to use OTT services and linear TV at roughly the same rate while teens are more likely to favor an OTT provider.

Netflix reigns with the younger demographic (two- to 11-years-old) as 70% reported using the OTT service, compared to just 15% who watch Amazon Prime Video. With a large library of content for kids, the success of Netflix could be attributed to its programming; other OTT services are starting to follow suit licensing and creating more kid-friendly shows.

As for when they’re watching, weekends are prime time for this crowd and for teens, who spend upwards of three hours watching OTT services.

OTT services are popular across the country, but the highest number of viewers, 82% reside in the Atlantic provinces and the lowest is British Columbia (71%). Amazon Prime Video tends to be more popular in more affluent households, particularly in Quebec where 32% of viewers aged two-17 use the OTT service. And, Crave is the favored OTT provider in Atlantic Canada where 17% of viewers aged two-17 tune in to the service from Bell Media who has a large presence in the region.

MTM Junior is a product of CBC/Radio-Canada Research. A total of 1,660 households with parents and children were surveyed for this report including Angolophones and Francophones.

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