Cartoon Forum readies 85 new pitches

Preschool series make up a quarter of the projects being presented at the event, which is recognizing the Wallonia-Brussels region as this year's spotlight.
June 21, 2019

This year’s European animation co-production event Cartoon Forum will feature 85 original projects from 24 countries, including France, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. There are also two Canadian and two Korean projects being presented this year, as part of Cartoon Forum’s collaboration with the two countries.

France leads the pack with 25 projects, followed by Belgium with nine, Germany with seven and Ireland with six. Denmark, Finland and Spain all have five apiece.

After Finland was the spotlight country at last year’s Cartoon Forum, this year the focus is on the Wallonia-Brussels region of Belgium. Seven projects will be presented from that area, including Cander & Ladilash by Waooh!, Crystal Tales (pictured) by Squarefish, Juliette & Jules by Altitude 100 production, Quinquin by Beluga Jungle, The Great Dreamscape by Kwassa Films, The Marsupilamis by Belvision and Toutmosis by La Belge Prod.

The event continues to focus on projects for kids, as preschool series make up nearly a quarter of the pitches and less than 10% of the shows are aimed at young adults and adults.

Taking place in Toulouse, France from September 16 to 19, this year’s Cartoon Forum is expected to attract 1,000 professionals to watch more than 500 hours of animated series. Since its inception in 1990, the event has helped 775 animation series obtain financing to the tune of more than US$3 billion, according to the European Association of Animation Film.

Cartoon Forum is also trying to promote new and emerging talent, so three projects have been selected after launching at Cartoon Springboard (a pitching event for young talent). Those projects are Doppleganger, Here Comes the Future by Amopix, Mousse and Bichon by Vivement Lundi!, and The Homonobos, The Missed Link by Des Singes Animes.

A full list of the final selections can be found here.

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