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Mattel goes off road with Hot Wheels id

Available through Apple in-store and online, the new line incorporates teched-out versions of the classic toys to bring them into the digital world.
June 17, 2019

Mattel is ramping up its digital efforts with Hot Wheels id, a mixed play experience that allows kids to scan their toy cars to play both digitally and in the real world. Hot Wheels id launched exclusively through Apple’s website, select Apple retail stores and the App Store on June 14.

The race portal (pictured) connects to classic Hot Wheels tracks and scans vehicles into the app, tracking speed and counting laps through infrared sensors. The range’s new vehicles feature wireless technology that stores performance data. The Hot Wheels id app, meanwhile, hosts each kid’s virtual garage as well as challenges and digital races designed to expand the vehicle play pattern.

Single vehicles for the set are available for US$6.99, while the race portal is US$39.99 and the smart track kit (which includes two exclusive vehicles, a new track and the race portal) retails for US$179.99. The Hot Wheels id app is free to download through the App Store.

This isn’t the first time Mattel has gone digital with the racing brand. In 2017, the toyco partnered with AR and AI startup Osmo on the MindRacers AR game. The iPad-enabled game combined physical Hot Wheels toys and AR technology across eight digital racing worlds.

While the toyco leans into new digital initiatives for the car line, the Hot Wheels brand saw a gross sales increase of 4% to US$150.5 million during Q1 2019. Sales for the brand in fiscal 2018 totaled US$834 million, the highest on record for Hot Wheels.

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