Nintendo expands build-and-play lineup with virtual reality

Launching April 12, the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will feature a blaster, camera and goggles that can be combined with the popular Switch console.
March 12, 2019

Nintendo is upping its presence in the VR space with a new Nintendo Labo: VR Kit, which lets build a headset for themselves out of cardboard. The creation can be combined with the Nintendo Switch console and its Joy-Con controllers to create a virtual reality experience. The VR Kit itself can be configured into goggles, a blaster and a camera, dubbed Toy-Cons, that each unlock specific games, which can also be played in 2D-mode on the console itself.

Two configurations of the kit will launches in retail stores on April 12. Players can also purchase additional materials, like a bird and elephant, to expand on the games and toys they create. Nintendo’s retail price ranges from US$39.99 for a starter set and blaster (including the components to build the goggles and the blaster, as well as the screen holder and safety cap) to US$79.99 for the VR kit (including materials to build all six Toy-Con iterations, as well as a screen holder and safety cap). Additional expansions cost US$19.99. The company plans to announce more information about the kit and its games in the future.

The first iterations of the Labo kits were announced at the beginning of last year, capitalizing on the Switch’s success as the fastest-selling video-game system in US history, according to the NPD Group.

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