CN’s Victor and Valentino to bow in March

The supernatural animated series will have a staggered digital and linear launch throughout the month.
February 22, 2019

Cartoon Network is gearing up to debut its new animated supernatural series Victor and Valentino (pictured) on March 30 in the US and Latin America, followed by the rest of the world at a later unannounced date. Created by Diego Molano (The Powerpuff Girls), the premiere will include four back-to-back episodes.

Based on Mesoamerican myths, the series follows two half-brothers learning to appreciate each other’s quirks while exploring their small mysterious town Monte Macabre. Ahead of the premiere, a full episode will be available on the Cartoon Network App and on demand as of March 4. By the time the series airs on linear, 10 episodes will be on the CN App and on demand in both English and Spanish. Victor and Valentino was first announced as part of CN’s 2018/2019 upfront slate in an effort to bring more depth to the kidcaster’s storytelling.

In other Turner news, the media conglom has also built a new app, The Happos Family Playtime, for its Boomerang series The Happos Family. Available internationally for free in both the App Store and on Google Play, the new offering lets kids pick from several different themed locations and adventures (including a dance party and journeying into space) and interact within them. It is aimed at children four- to six-years-old.

A Boomerang original series, The Happos Family centers around a family of blue hippos that by day live a normal zoo animal life but by night go on adventures. It was the channel’s first in-house production and has already been greenlit for a second season comprised of 25 x seven-minute episodes, up from season one’s two-and-a-half-minute shorts.

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