Hopster to create LGBT+ content

The streaming app has teamed up with Diversity Role Models to create animated short films for preschoolers about LGTB+ families and stereotypes.
February 7, 2019

SVOD service Hopster has partnered with non-profit org Diversity Role Models to create a series of short animated films teaching preschoolers about LGBT+ issues such as different types of families, challenging stereotypes and encouraging acceptance. The shorts are scheduled to launch in June 2019, accompanied by songs and video books.

DRM is on a mission is to plant the seeds that lead to inclusion and empathy in the youngest generation of kids through its school workshops. And Hopster got involved to extend the reach of this mission because recent market research indicates that LGBT+ families are underrepresented in preschool TV. This despite a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA finding that nearly six million adults and children have an LGBT parent, and the more than 125,000 same-sex couple households in the US with nearly 220,000 children under the age of 18.

In other original content news, Hopster is working on a second season of homegrown series Two Minute Tales, which will premiere this month. And it also announced a new production partnership with Dog Ears for empathy-focused preschool show Saturday Club last year.

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