Neopets jumpstarts new mobile game this month

JumpStart Games is going to release Neopets Legends & Letters on January 17, ahead of a revamped Neopets Universe launching on mobile this summer.
January 4, 2019

California’s Jumpstart is rolling out two big new mobile changes for its Neopets brand in 2019, kicking off with the January 17 launch of Neopets Legends & Letters for smartphones and tablets. It combines a Scrabble-esque word-puzzle challenge with a Neopets RPG battle game that feature nostalgic game play as well as customizable characters and storylines.

Then a completely revamped Neopets Universe will hit the market as a mobile app this summer, to replace the long-running Neopets website.

Hong Kong-based online game publisher NetDragon acquired Jumpstart in 2017, three years after Jumpstart bought Neopets from Viacom. Neopets launched in late 1999 and had around 25 million active users at its peak.

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