Inspector Gadget

Twitch to marathon Gadget this month

The live-streaming service will air every episode of Inspector Gadget this month, alongside interactions with series co-creator Andy Heyward, and Tested's Adam Savage.
December 14, 2018

Genius Brands has struck a deal with Amazon’s live streaming platform Twitch to air a week-long marathon of its 1980s animated series Inspector Gadget starting December 17. Sixty-five original eps will air in five-hour blocks until December 24, through a special events category on the Twitch website.

The classic toon follows a partly mechanical police detective with a bottomless supply of gadgets built into his body that he activates to solve crimes.

Twitch is mainly used by a group of dedicated gamers to live-stream their game play, but rarely used for watching TV. The platform has been linked to the success of many popular video game franchises, including Fortnite, which got a boost when Canadian rapper Drake hopped on celeb gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins stream to play along. Blevins has more than five million subscribers on Twitch and reportedly makes US$500,000 per month playing Fortnite live on the platform.

Twitch can interact with its viewers in real time, so Inspector Gadget co-creator and Genius Brand International chairman and CEO Andy Heyward will live-chat with viewers during the marathon for one hour each day from December 17 to 21. And Adam Savage (MythBusters) will run a live contest during marathon breaks, with help from his team behind the online science and technology series Tested. A crew at Genius Brand’s Kid Genius channel will draw on Twitch viewers’ usernames to create fun Gadget-inspired sketches and concept art, which will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The entire marathon schedule is available at Twitch Presents.

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