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CP on pointe for Find Me in Paris

Cottonwood Media is focusing on two age groups for the consumer products program of its tween series Find Me in Paris.
November 7, 2018

Consumer products are about to take center stage for Cottonwood Media’s tween dance drama Find Me in Paris. Just a few months after the curtain was raised on the show’s first episode, Cottonwood is ready to expand the property with a serious CP push into apparel, publishing and homewares.

Find Me in Paris follows a young dancer from 1905 who is accidentally sent to 2018 and becomes a student at the prestigious Paris Opera dance school. Produced by Cottonwood Media, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises and the National Opera of Paris, the series has sold to France Télévisions, Disney (France and Italy), ZDF (Germany), ABC (Australia) and VRT (Belgium), with plans to expand in Europe.

“We’re looking at the consumer products range as two lines,” says David Michel, president and founder of Cottonwood Media, which is owned by Federation Kids & Family. “The series focuses on classical ballet, which we always thought would play well to the younger audience, and also on hip-hop dancing, which was meant to play older. The idea was to replicate that for the licensing.”

For kids ages six to nine, there will be products that focus on the show’s protagonist, Lena, and her background in ballet. For the 10- to 13-year-old audience, however, Michel says the focus on hip-hop dancing and the romantic drama surrounding the characters will be more abstract.

A number of licensing partners have already signed on to launch products in France, including Milan (magazines), Soleil (comic books), Nathan (novels and albums), Sahlinger (apparel), Royer (footwear), Ravensburger (puzzles) and CTI (homewares). These ranges are slated to hit shelves next year.

Publishing and apparel will skew younger, Michel says, while the homewares line will focus less on the characters themselves and more on the show’s themes of music, dance and fashion.

France tv Distribution—the property’s French licensing agent—is currently in negotiations with partners in categories spanning food and beverage, fashion bags and back-to-school items. “Music is also an obvious area of interest moving forward,” Michel says. “Music is a very important part of the show, so we’re working on the promotional and publishing side for music. And if the show is really strong, we’ll be able to pan out to toys in the second stage.”

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