Osmo helps parents combat passive screen time

The tech startup is rolling out a new platform to combat intentionally addictive apps and passive scrolling among kids under eight.
October 25, 2018

California-based tech startup Osmo is introducing a new parent platform to offer a healthy alternative to passive screen time among kids.

With intentionally addictive apps becoming increasingly popular, and studies finding that children ages eight and under spend an average of 2.25 hours per day on devices, the techco is tackling the problem head on.

Available for free on the App store, its new platform will be available for all 12 of Osmo’s experiences. It includes Guided Play Time that lets parents keep tabs on activity and learning progress; Preserve Precious Memories, which views and saves drawing created in the activities; and Connect and Collaborate, which gives exclusive tips and tricks on how kids can stay connected with play and learning.

The company also points out that passive screen time is hurting children’s dexterity, so the new Detective Agency AR activity it’s rolling out aims to get kids more physically engaged in technology. This physical/digital search-and-find experience uses Osmo’s proprietary AI technology on iPad and Kindle Fire to let kids see the objects in front of them as well as their hands so that they can really investigate the world they’re in. It uses maps and a magnifying glass to help kids control what they see on screen and explore popular destinations and famous cities around the world.

These new releases come on the heels of Osmo partnering with Disney for a new Super Studio featuring Mickey Mouse & Friends. The AR and AI company raised US$24 million in Series B funding from Mattel, HMH, Collab+Sesame and Shea Ventures in late 2016 to fund new programs such as the parent platform and Detective Agency.

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