KiKA joins Smurfs as co-producer

Peyo Productions has partnered with the German kidsnet to co-produce and air The Smurfs.
October 18, 2018

German kidsnet KiKA has signed on to co-produce Belgium-based Peyo Productions’ The Smurfs and air the new series in Germany. KiKA joins current co-pro partners TF1 (France), Ketnet (Belgium) and Ouftivi (Belgium).

Based on Peyo and Hanna-Barbera’s original toon from the early 80s, the new 3D-CGI animated comedy/adventure series is aimed at the five-to 10-year-old group.

Since its original launch the property has been massively popular throughout Europe and Germany, expanding to movies and video games, consumer productsapps and boasting a number of licensees throughout Europe.

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