Polly Pocket

DHX, Mattel get Polly in broadcasters’ pockets

The companies announced the sale of the kids animated property to 16 broadcasters internationally.
October 16, 2018

Continuing to build on a deal first inked in 2015, DHX and Mattel have announced the sale of Polly Pocket to 16 broadcasters internationally.

The series will start rolling out internationally in 2018 and into 2019, following its premiere in Canada this summer. Broadcasters set to air the series include Sony Pictures Television’s POP channel (UK), RTL Telekids (Netherlands), Kidzone TV (Baltics), Lagardère’s Gulli and TiJi (France), Gulli AFRICA (22 African French-speaking countries) and Gulli Girl (Russia), teleTOON+ (Poland), AMC Minimax (Eastern Europe), vtmkzoom (Belgium), Canal Panda (Portugal), Turner (Italy, Middle East, Turkey and Greece), Star Channel (Greece), kidZ (Israel), SABC (South Africa) and Discovery Kids (Latin America).

Polly Pocket is based on the classic late ’80s and early ’90s toy brand featuring miniaturized dolls and carrying-case homes. The animated series (26 x 22 minutes) targets kids aged six to nine and is produced at DHX Media’s Vancouver studio. Mattel relaunched Polly Pocket toys earlier this year.

Polly, along with Bob the Builder, is part of a pact DHX made with Mattel in 2015 to co-develop, produce and distribute content based on Mattel IP. Bob and another Mattel property, Fireman Sam, went on to bow successful launches in the years since.

The Mattel deal has been a bright spot for DHX as the company has undergone significant reorganization and a shift it its strategic goals. The company said it plans to prioritize the Mattel deal and IP associated with it, along with a push on lower-budget properties through its Wild Brain division.

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