Kids digital safety a major concern in Asia Pacific

The latest study from TotallyAwesome reports that 95% of APAC parents are worried about potential online threats to their kids.
October 10, 2018

Kid-safe digital media specialist TotallyAwesome says 95% of parents recognize that their kids’ social media activity might be risky, according to its new report tracking the online media habits, device usage and content preferences of kids across Asia Pacific.

Surveying nearly 5,000 kids ages four to 16 and families in 14 markets including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand earlier this month, the study has found that 68% of parents are afraid their kids might be exposed to inappropriate content online, nearly 60% are worried about the potential negative influence of social media, 47% fear cyber bullying, and 34% are concerned about the general well-being of their children online.

From a territorial perspective, parents from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are the most distressed (98%)—nearly 70% of them say their kids have already experienced issues online, and 33% claim their children have been exposed to inappropriate content.

The study has revealed that 90% of APAC kids are on social media platforms, and the same percentage of four- to 12-year-olds claim to be using YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Kids in APAC are also spending an average of two hours online per weekday, and 2.5 hours a day on weekends.

As more kids engage with digital media, parents’ growing concerns for their safety is quickly becoming a global trend. According to a recent survey by US-based PCMag, 76% of US parents have some level of concern for their children’s online safety, and half are harboring significant or major anxiety about it.

On a mission to provide safer environments for kids online, TotallyAwesome launched a kid-safe VOD ad platform in partnership with Singapore’s Mediacorp in June. The COPPA- and GDPR-K-compliant service allows brands to engage with under-13s while adhering to privacy and safety regulations.

And TotallyAwesome’s parentco, SuperAwesome, has also just introduced a new kid-safe OTT platform with partners including ToonGoggles, KetchupTV and XUMO.

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